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- "The Viper Code" - a debut novel by A.M Elia -

A contemporary espionage thriller replete with adventure, suspense and romance. The story starts in Israel but quickly unfolds into an international escapade spanning countries and cultures, taking the reader on a fast paced, unexpected adventure.

The story is one of romantic passion between an Israeli Mossad agent and a supremely talented Israeli woman.

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- The Main Characters -
- She has a highly classified secret -

Revital Shilon is a successful, courageous, and determined
woman linked with an Israeli bio-tech company.

- He’s a mystery -

Jonathon Moore is charismatic and enigmatic with enough
charm to make any woman swoon. However, there’s
more than meets the eye for the mysterious son of the
CEO. Something dangerous.

- The Plot Of The Story-

The ordeal began when Revital met Jonathan,

The last thing she expected was to be kidnapped and brought before The Viper, a fearsome international terrorist.

Together, Revital and Jonathon struggle to overcome
evil, encounter loss, and draw closer together than either of them expected.
Set among Mediterranean beaches and spanning the
globe to the markets of Egypt, corporate London, and
nightclubs in Moscow, the twists and turns of Revital
and Jonathon’s adventure will leave you breathless.

Thank you my readers for believing in me and experiencing my book series:

"Pursuing Shadows: The Rogue Hunt"

Love you all, A.M Elia

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