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Ayelet Moalem Elia is known by her pen name A.M Elia is a contemporary author in Israel. Her debut novel "THE VIPER CODE" is the first novel in an espionage thriller series.

Elia graduated with B.Ed. degree in music and

English literature. She has worked as an elementary school teacher, teaching English and music. During this time, she composed songs for children and published her songs on YouTube.

in pursuing her happiness, following her life motto-“Life is short, so you got to make it count”, She always kept writing short stories.

The wind of change blew again, and during the

COVID-19 lockdown, Elia has found herself 

 immersed in her writing, weaving an espionage thriller.

She describes her writing process “Burning and addictive” and “Like being directed by an invisible hand”.

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