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- "The Lioness Den" - Newest released by A.M Elia -

It is a contemporary espionage thriller replete with adventure, suspense and romance. The story starts in Israel but quickly unfolds into an international escapade spanning countries and cultures, taking the reader on a fast paced, unexpected adventure.

The story is one of romantic passion between an Israeli Mossad agent and a supremely talented Israeli woman.

- The Plot Of The Story-

A year after she was nearly killed by a terrorist group over her job at Genesis Biotech, Revital Shilon can once again breathe without feeling danger creeping behind her. Getting caught by 'The Viper' and being used as a bargaining chip in his machinations shook her to the very core. However, it also taught her one lesson she will never forget:

If you plan to step into the lion’s den, you better come prepared.

On their anniversary, Jonathan Moore is in New York, tangled up in a kidnapping gone wrong. When the daughter of his close family friends is abducted by the Italian mob, Jonathan once again sets out on a daring rescue mission. Together with his friend and NYPD detective Vanessa Sheffer, Jonathan enters a bloody conflict between seven of Italy’s ruthless crime families. 

Once again, Jonathan Moore and Revital Shilon find themselves in the thick of a dangerous international game of passion, greed, and vengeance, with a new and ambitious villain who will stop at nothing to see them both captured. With death looming around every corner of Tuscany, Revital and Johnathan will discover whether they are the hunters… or the hunted.

Thank you my readers for believing in me once again. The third book in the series is coming soon…

Love you all, A.M Elia

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