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 A very welcome new novelist on the literary scene!

"With well-developed characters set in an informed contemporary tech environment, Elia has
created a novel that suggests a new career is ignited. Solid writing reveals a rich imagination
capable of mesmerizing the reading audience, creating a demand for more books to follow!"


Enjoyed every minute!

"A.M Elia's debut novel "The Viper Code" is a glued to your seat suspense romance novel. The
reading was smooth, riveting and truly catches you off-guard. This thriller keeps the reader
gripping the armrests of their front row seat, with unexpected twists and turns until the very last
Already waiting for your next novel"

M. Chayon

Like watching a movie

ELIA’s narrative masterfully blends international crime, personal vendettas, and suspense, with each page brimming with uncertainty. The protagonists' journey is fraught with tension, making "The Lioness Den" a must-read for thriller fans seeking a sophisticated and enthralling exploration of international crime. Highly recommended and a well-deserved five stars from me.

"I liked this novel so much! It felt like watching a movie the whole time.

The characters are so
good and real. Fast-paced, exciting, and you never know what's going to happen next"

Sofia Petrovna


Hunting or Being Hunted

If you love a good story about kidnapping, mafia, organized crime, or international police work, this book is for you. The main characters are well-written, and their backstories make them real enough so you can identify with their problems.
I started reading this book one afternoon, "Just a few pages", as I told myself, and caught myself in Jonathan Moore and Revital Shilon's hunting for criminals and escaping being hunted by the same ones.
This is a perfect book if you want to spend a few hours enjoying a good story.

Abbigail Holmes

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